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Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice pursuant to Article 17 of the Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China


欧颐工业自动化(上海)有限公司 (Company Name) (the “Controller”), informs you, as required by Articles 7, 17, 23, and 30 of the Personal Information Protection Law(“PIPL”), that your personal data will be processing in accordance with the following:


1. Subject matter of the processing / 处理的主要内容

The Controller will process your personal data, collected from your submission of said personal data, which may include any information that may lead to your identification, this includes but is not limited to your name, your employment history, your contact details, your biometric data, financial information such as bank account details.

个人信息处理者将处理您的个人信息,这些信息是从您提供的上述个人信息中收集的,其中会包括任何 可能导向您身份识别的信息,包括但不限于您的姓名、就业记录、联系方式、生物识别信息、财务信息 (如银行帐户详细信息)。

2. Objectives / 目的

Your personal data will be processed only with your express consent (Article 13 of the PIPL), for the following objectives:

您的个人信息只有在您明确同意的情况下才会被处理(《个人信息保护法》第 13 条),目的如下:

A) Data that will be processed without your express consent (as established in Article 13 of the PIPL) for the following objectives:

  • To fulfil contractual, pre contractual and tax obligations with you in place,
  • To fulfil legal obligations determined by law, regulations, or orders from Authority (ex. Anti-money laundering)
  • To exercise Controller’s rights like the right of defence in front of a court.


  • 为履行与您签订的合同义务、先合同义务和税务义务;
  • 履行法律、法规或国家机关规定的法律义务(例如:反洗钱义务);
  • 行使个人信息处理者的权利,如法庭辩护权。

B) Data that will be processed only with your express consent for the following objectives:

To spread/ to communicate your information which your identity could be inferred to third parties.

只有在经过您明确同意,个人信息处理者才会基于以下目的处理信息: 传播/传达您的身份可以被推断给第三方的信息。

3. Processing of Data / 信息的处理

The processing of your personal data it is based on the operations identified in Article 3 and 6 of the PIPL, and more precisely it shall be for a specified and reasonable purpose, and shall be conducted for a purpose directly relevant to the purpose of processing and in a way that has the least impact on personal rights and interests. Collection of personal information shall be limited to the minimum scope necessary for achieving the purpose of processing and shall not be excessive.

对您个人信息的处理,是基于《个人信息保护法》第3条和第6条所确定的行为,更确切地说,该行为应 具有特定、合理的目的,与处理目的直接相关,并且采取对个人权益影响最小的方式进行。对个人信息 的收集,应限于实现处理目的的最小范围,不得过度。

4. Provision of data and consequences of refusal / 提供信息和拒绝的后果
The provision of data related to section 2b is optional. Refusing the processing will not authorise the use of your information abroad.


5. Recipient of Data / 信息的接受者
The data will be exclusively processing by individuals and processors that are authorised, properly instructed and linked by a contract to the Controller. The processed data are exclusively those that are necessary as established in Article 3 and 6 of the PIPL. Personal data processed by a third party will be also limited by the objectives.

这些信息将只由经授权的个人和处理人进行专门处理,这些个人和处理人会得到适当的指示,并且与个 人信息处理者签订合同。处理的信息完全是《个人信息保护法》第3条和第6条所规定的必要信息。由第 三方处理的个人信息也将受到处理目的的限制。

The data may be communicated to Chinese administrative and judicial authorities and private entities to fulfil contractual and legal obligations, and legislative requirements.


You can request an updated list of processors, complete with the identification details of each data processors, from the Controller. The Controller will immediately provide to make it available.

您可以向个人信息处理者索取一份最新的处理人名单,其中包括每个信息处理人的身份细节。个人信息 处理者将立刻提供给您。

6. Lawfulness of the processing / 处理的合法性
The lawfulness of the processing is based on Article 13.1 (consent) and Article 13.2 (contractual need) of the PIPL

处理的合法性是基于《个人信息保护法》第13条第1款(同意)和第13条第2款(合同需要)。 7. Data Protection Officer (DPO) / 信息保护负责人

The Data Protection Officer is available at the email address: eva.chen@oemautomatic.cn 信息保护负责人的电子邮箱地址为:eva.chen@oemautomatic.cn

8. Data Subject Rights / 信息主体权利
You can exercise, with regard to your personal data, the rights established by Article 15, 24, 29, 31,44, 45, 46, 47, and Article 55 of the PIPL (right to access by the data subject, right to rectification, right to erasure, right to restriction of processing, right to data portability, right to object, Right not to be subjected to automated decision making).


对于您的个人信息,您可以行使《个人信息保护法》第15条、第24条、第29条、第31条、第44条、第45 条、第46条、第47条和第55条所规定的权利(信息查阅权、整改权、删除权、限制处理权、信息转移权、 拒绝权、不接受自动化决策的权利)。

9. Data Retention / 信息保存
The Controller will process your data limited to the minimum scope necessary for achieving the purpose of processing and shall not be excessive. The retention period of personal information shall be the minimum period necessary for achieving the purpose of processing, unless required by law or administrative regulations.

个人信息处理者对您信息的处理将限于实现处理目的的最小范围,并且不得过度。除法律、行政法规另 有规定外,个人信息的保存期限应当为实现处理目的必要的最短时间。

10. Transfer of data outside of China / 个人信息跨境提供
The management and conservation of personal data is carried out on servers in China and internationally. For information that is processed internationally the Controller will obtain your specific consent, and the Controller will ensure that the transfer of data will follow the actual legal provisions by entering into an agreement, if necessary, which guaranties a level of protection equivalent to the standards established by the PIPL.

个人信息的管理和保存是在中国和国际的服务器上进行的。对于在国际上处理的信息,个人信息处理者 将取得您的明确同意,并确保信息的传输将遵循实际法律规定,如有必要将签订协议,以保证等同于 《个人信息保护法》规定标准的保护水平。

11. Exercise of Rights / 权利的行使
You can exercise your rights by contacting: eva.chen@oemautomatic.cn

您可以通过联系:eva.chen@oemautomatic.cn 来行使您的权利。


The controller of the data is 欧颐工业自动化(上海)有限公司 个人信息处理者为欧颐工业自动化(上海)有限公司